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“Man of style and taste.”

TAKU CLAUDE, CEO at TC Design Classic hails from the northwest region(Batibo) and is currently in Yaounde (Biyemassi Cameroon). He has a degree in environmental science from the University of Buea. After graduating from the University of Buea, he moved to the capital city Yaounde in search of a job. 5 months later he couldn’t get one. way back in form 3 back in his secondary school days, he used to spend time with his dad in his shop. His dad popularly known as Safari was a tailor and the most famous in his generation. (may his gentle soul continue to rest in the lord). During his second vacation with him at the shop, he could stitch a trouser and shirts already. That made him develop a serious passion for tailoring. That is how he became a tailor. 5 months of unemployment got him thinking that as a graduate, he need to fetch for himself and stop depending on his parents. He spoke with his dad and told him he will like to start up a small tailoring shop in Yaounde so he could take care of himself rather than rush to him for financial assistance every now and then. His dad bought the idea, traveled to Yaounde, rented a room, bought a machine, a mattress, a table, and an iron, paid rent for 5 months gave him 20k, Wow this is how he started his career. He has been working overtime strategizing and it’s working for him.


For the young designers trying to copy every new design or piece of art he put out there in the market, he have over the years sensitized on the need to respect the know how. Apart from being a fashion designer , he us a traveler, he have been to most countries in Europe and Asia, now he Currently travel to America at least twice a year to supply outfits for hi clients as a bulk of his clients are in the USA. Since 2015, he now import cars, sell cars do car rental aswell. His now currently working on project to creat a fashion school where he will be able to train young cameroonians to ensure sustainability in the fashion industry and besides its a very lucrative field and will go a long way to boom the economy of our country. Again, he currently have an outlet in the USA, and plan to have outlets in Europe Asia and other African countries.He will in the next years open branches of Taku Claude Design in douala, limbe, bamenda, buea and baffoussam.

His advice to the younger generation is simple, they should stop thinking or believing that they can be successful in life with white collar jobs, He is a graduate from the University but choose to follow his passion and today he is a very comfortable man, making alot of money. Living a good life from his job as a fashion designer, he have been able to make alot of fortune for himself self. So our youths should look for what the are passionate about and work on it. They should note that, when you do what you love not for the money but for the love of it, and be consistent over time it is certain that the money will come. Hard work pays. Did you know he is a celebrated fashion designer, he is a celebrity, let’s celebrate this national treasure for his art.

Our Story

TC Design Classic is a Cameroonian based fashion design studio with a great illustration of talents and creativity. We are a dedicated team of professionals specialized in modern designs and styles. The origin of TC Design dates back to 1980, with an interest in designing through a family run business. The desire never varnished as the appetite for good looks was a dream. It became a reality in the early 90s when the first design was created. It immediately gained widespread recognition and has since then become the people’s choice. We have since gained national and international recognition from our customers with an expanding market.

TC Design is challenged with a myriad of fashion blends, technological advancements and competitive designs in the industry; which only serves as a motivation to create our unique styles and brands. TC Design is a fashion designing house with branches in Cameroon, United States; France, United Kingdom and Belgium. We are designers apt with skills and talents to meet up with the challenges of the growing fashion world. Our family has been in the custom tailor business for three decades, servicing clients from around the world….

Any questions? Let us know in store at Biscuiterie, Yaounde, Cameroon or call us on (+237) 677 684 034

Our Mission

Our mission is to fill-in the void in fashion designing with outstanding designs.

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.

– Steve Job’s


Gallop Quest

I have no hesitation of saying, Excellent service! Sensible pricing! My dinner suit its simply impeccable. I can’t praise TC Design and staff enough. All my expectations exceeded! I know where I will be getting all my suits in the future.


Tanyi Tambe

I ordered a suit from you last year and I am amazed how much attention it gets when I wear it. As a corporate worker, it is very important what I wear and how I look. So I just wanted to say thank you TC Design


Amah Fred

One word- fantastic! Everyone was professional and friendly and they knew exactly what I wanted. I love wearing my bespoke suit on the wedding day even if the the heat in Milan is over 33 degree!!!


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